Pricing & Fees

We offer a wide range of fee arrangements, depending on your specific situation.  To get the best pricing for your case, we’d recommend booking an appointment or sending us an email. Below is a brief overview.
We try to make your life as easy as possible. Therefore, our fees are all-inclusive with no surprises.  We’ll prepare the paperwork and make your trip to immigration one of the smoothest you have ever experienced. Most of our clients are in and out within 30 minutes.

The initial setup fee ranges from THB 20,000 to THB 100,000

If you are in Thailand, this would cover the cost of getting a visa, work permit, and re-entry permit.  If you are outside Thailand, this would cover our preparation of your visa application to be submitted at a Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad, and after you get to Thailand, the cost of extending your visa and getting you a work permit and a re-entry permit.
Generally, the fee is lower if you already have a non-immigrant business ("non-B") visa or are in a position to apply for a non-B visa outside Thailand.  It would be higher if you are in Thailand on a tourist visa, education visa, or volunteer visa.

We can also arrange non-immigrant O ("non-O") visas for your dependents (e.g. spouse and/or children).
Once you have your work permit, we’re going to need to keep you on our payroll. You can set your own salary, provided that it meets at least the minimum salary requirements set by the government. Minimum salary requirements vary based on nationality.

To keep you on payroll, we charge a fee equal to 5% of declared gross salary, each month.*

*Minimum monthly fee of THB 10,000 to THB 20,000 (depending on the engagement).  You will also need to pay the taxes and social security contributions on your declared salary, which we remit to the Revenue Department and the Social Security Fund.
If you are joined by dependents (such as spouse and/or children) on non-O visas, there is no monthly fee for the dependents.

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