Thailand is a very social place. Many people move there simply because they want to enjoy living in a very sociable environment where you can make friends at almost every turn. That's great if you are a tourist or someone who has settled on Thailand as a place where they intend on retiring. However, the sociable side of the country can be a little distracting if you are working. So, if you live and work in Thailand, then you will need some tips on how to balance your work and social lives. Read on to discover some of the best ones.

Don't Work Too Hard

It might sound obvious but working too hard really is a problem for some new expats living in Thailand. With so many things to explore and get on with socially, you might think that the reverse would be so and people would be enjoying too much leisure time. However, people who have settled in Thailand to further their career will usually be so keen to make a go of such a big life change that they devote too much time to work and not enough to laying down social roots and integrating within their community. Don't fall into this trap. Make sure you spend enough time relaxing with friends to make your lifestyle one that is properly balanced.

Plan Your Whole Week

When you are working hard, you will often have a schedule that forces you to organise your time as effectively as possible. Sometimes you cannot get everything done so it is a question of prioritising your goals. The same can be said of your social life in Thailand, too. You might not be able to make time to visit other parts of the country every weekend. If so, prioritise what is most important to you as an individual or a family. Maybe your social life is focussed on the expat community in Bangkok, Phuket or Nakhon Si Thammarat? If so, make sure you spend at least one evening and part of your weekend every week enjoying their company. Instead, it could be that your new Thai social life revolves around sports clubs, artistic pursuits or even social networking among the business community. The point is to organise your social life just as you would your work schedule and keep slots free in your diary for social events that come up.

Take Some 'Me Time' Out

It might sound like it is introducing a third element to the work-life balance but a further demand on your time – pampering yourself – can help both your work life and your social life to improve. Tired of the strains or work? Feeling pressurised by your social circle to commit to things you don't necessarily want to? If so, then taking some time out to relax will help you to recharge your batteries and come back to both sides of your life with more energy. It is not like Thailand doesn't have some of the best places to enjoy some mindful recuperation. There are wellness centres up and down the country in remarkably beautiful locations, after all.

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