Bangkok might be one of the world’s most visited cities and the biggest hub in Thailand, but there is a lot to be seen outside of it.

Beyond the city's borders lie hidden gems waiting to be explored.

 In this guide, we'll unveil five amazing places near Bangkok that will satisfy your adventure, cultural, and visual cravings. 

From majestic temples to lush tropical forests to picturesque islands, these destinations promise unforgettable experiences. 

Let’s go discover 5 amazing places near Bangkok you must see as soon as possible.

Khao Yai National Park

Province: Nakhon Ratchasima

Just about 2.5 hour drive from Bangkok lies one of Thailand’s most famous national parks. 

Spanning over 2,000 square kilometers, it stands as one of the country's largest UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

It boasts a diverse variety of amazing natural landscapes such as lush rainforests, gorgeous waterfalls, and winding rivers.

It boasts a diverse variety of amazing natural landscapes such as lush rainforests, gorgeous waterfalls, and winding rivers.

There is also plenty of wildlife here. You will have the opportunity to see gibbons, hornbills, deers, and if you are lucky even elephants and tigers.

You can drive around, hike, or even camp at Khao Ya National Park.

With its unparalleled natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and outdoor activities, Khao Yai National Park is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the wonders of Thailand's wilderness.

Khao Chong Lom

Province: Nakhon Nayok

You might have heard about the Erawan national park and its waterfalls.

And while they are quite famous, we recommend a lesser-known but equally picturesque destination. 

Khao Chong Lom is a lush sanctuary in Nakhon Nayok province. It is a well-kept secret for nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers but lately has been gaining a lot of popularity.

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It is a rolling hill landscape featuring beautiful waterfalls and rivers that flow through the forest. 

You can hire a boat to take you through or hike the dense jungle to reach one of the most beautiful places in Thailand.

Normally, you would have to go all the way to northern Thailand to see something like this but luckily it is just a 2 hour drive from Bangkok

Wat Sam Phran

Province: Nakhon Pathom 

Just an hour away from Bangkok in Nakhon Pathom province, is one of the most remarkable and impressive temple structures you will ever see in your life.

There is a reason it is nicknamed the dragon temple as there is literally a huge dragon that wraps itself around a majestic 17-story pink tower.

No matter where you look at it from - below, from the side or from the top (if you have a drone), you can’t help but be impressed by the temple.

The entire complex is pretty nice too as there are other cultural things and religious artifacts to see around here. It is certainly a serene place to visit.

Whether you are into architecture, religion, culture or finding cool spots, Wat Sam Phran is definitely worth the small trip if you’re in Bangkok.

Koh Larn

Province: Chonburi (near Pattaya)

It is most likely that you have heard of or visited Pattaya. It is known for its beaches, seafood restaurants, and nightlife.

But if you are really looking for pristine beaches with clear blue waters and white soft sand that you would normally find in the south of Thailand, then you have to visit Koh Larn.

This small but beautiful island is just a 30 minute boat ride away from the shores of Pattaya. It is incredibly easy and cheap to get there.

Once on the island, simply rent a motorbike and go exploring. While some beaches can get quite crowded, if you want tranquility and a little bit more privacy, Tien Beach or Priss Beach is where you want to be.

It is also a good idea to stay a night on the island as most people come for day trips. This way you get the island more or less to yourself. 

Koh Kham / Koh Samae San

Province: Chonburi (near Pattaya)

If you want to go to an island where there are hardly any foreigners and known mostly to locals and Thai tourists, then Koh Kham and Koh Samae San are excellent islands to check out.

These two islands are located a bit further south from Pattaya in Sattahip district of Chonburi.

The beaches and water on these islands are phenomenal, which is perfect for snorkeling or swimming.


Other fun things you can do on the islands are jet skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, or even parasailing.

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