Phuket has always been one of the top island destinations in Thailand because of its ease of travel, infrastructure, variety of hotels, restaurants, and of course, the gorgeous beaches.

Did you know that there are over 30 beaches in Phuket?

Unless you are living there, it might be difficult to visit all of the beaches on the island on your trip, so we have wrapped up the best beaches we think are worth checking out.

Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao is the longest beach in Phuket, spanning over 11 kilometers. It is also part of the Sirinat National Park.

Photo by @shimakazethailand

The beach itself is stunningly beautiful, highlighted by its warm clear blue waters and white sands. It is also popularly known for watching planes take off and land on the island, which is quite unique compared to other beaches.

Mai Khao is unspoiled and semi secluded but is still a popular spot to visit for locals and tourists.

Bangtao Beach

Bangtao is one of the longest beaches in Phuket and it has both a laid back and scenic vibe. It is a super beautiful semi-secluded beach but with lots of bars, restaurants and clubs.

Apart from the beach clubs and bars, it is known for its gorgeous white sand & blue water, perfect for swimming and water sports.

Paradise Beach

Paradise beaches is one of those hidden but not so hidden beaches of Phuket. There are 2 beaches here, one that is part of the Paradise Beach Club and another smaller one that is just off to the side a bit.

At Paradise Beach, you can also go towards the right end (when facing the sea) where a wooden walkway takes you a little bit out into the sea. It’s an amazing spot to take some epic Instagram-worthy photos.

There is even a stunning bay at the backside of the beach club, up a small hill. It’s called the Rock Viewpoint and it is absolutely gorgeous. 

To get to Paradise beach you have to pay an entrance fee that can be redeemed for a drink at the beach club. A tuk tuk will drive you down to the beach club from the parking lot. 

Freedom Beach

Freedom beach is one of the best beaches in Phuket but it is also one of the hardest to get to. You have to drive up a hill to a parking area and then hike down to the beach. The hike back up can be quite brutal, especially if you are not really in the best shape. 

However, it is completely worth it as the crystal clear water and white sandy beach is unparalleled from any other beach on Phuket.

It is possible to hire a longtail boat to Freedom beach from the southern end of Patong, Karon Beach, Kata Beach, or Tri Trang Beach.

Kata Beach

Kata is a stunning 1.5 kilometer stretch of creamy soft sandy beach and azure-colored waters on the west coast of Phuket.

Photo by @joeysantiniphotography

The beach is perfect for both relaxation and activities with plenty of hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars around. Here you will find plenty of beach chairs with umbrellas to rejuvenate as well as have access to surfboards and paddleboards to take out to the sea. 

Kata Beach is perfect for families and couples.

Patong Beach

While Patong isn’t the most beautiful or scenic beach, it is quite popular for street food, water sports, sunbathing, and other fun activities. It is often quite crowded with both locals and tourists.

Patong beach is also often visited because it is right next to countless restaurants, bars, beach clubs, and an exciting nightlife.

Love it or hate it, Patong is still one of the best beaches to visit in Phuket.

Surin Beach & Laem Singh Beach

We put these two together but they are actually quite close to each other. In fact to get to Laem Singh Beach, you have to go through Surin beach and cross over some rocks at the southern end and then through a path to get there.

Surin Beach is a great place to enjoy the water, play sports, and to get some food and drinks as well. It’s a scenic beach with lots of chairs and umbrellas to relax at.

Laem Singh on the other hand is more secluded and kind of hidden. Most people see it from the Laem Singh viewpoint and usually wonder how to get there.

Well, now you know.

Ya Nui Beach

Yanui beach is a unique spot that is unlike other beaches on Phuket. It’s a tranquil cove-like beach that is perfect for snorkeling and kayaking.

There are some large rocks that juts out into the sea, which you can climb over to take some amazing scenic photos.

It’s a small beach and there are only a few food and drink vendors in the area but if you like a bit of adventure, this is a great place to visit.

Remember, every beach offers unique experiences that cater to different tastes. There are so many other beaches on Phuket that may suit your style and vibe but perhaps this is a good start before you start exploring all the other ones.

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