Thailand has always been one of the top travel destinations and bucketlists over the years. It has won several awards and has had high rankings in the travel, business, and hospitality industries. In 2018, Thailand was considered 1st in ‘best countries to start a business’, while Bangkok was ranked 1st as the most visited city in the world.

The country is best known for its scenic beauty, tropical weather, amazing beaches, friendly people, delicious food, and charmingcultures. It’s an extraordinary place to travel with lots of things to do, eat, drink, feel and more.

While there is so much you can do, here are five unique travel experiences you need to have across different destinations within Thailand.

Eat and cook with locals in Chiang Mai


Most people visit Chiang Mai for the cooler weather and mountain adventures but there is actually an incredible local food scene there.

Amongst the standard and luxury cooking schools, you can in fact, visit local homes and learn specific meals that very few ever try.

We found some great experiences that are worth giving a go:

·       Cooking Class at Classic Home Cooking School

·       Lanna Style Cooking at Thai House

·       Learn to Cook Northern Thai Food in Countryside Home

·       Eat with Locals in the Countryside and Cook Northern-Style Dinner

·       Experience the Local Farming in Chiang Mai – this one is a bit different as you are not going to cook but actually learn about local herbs and vegetables through rice planting and farming. You will also try a dish made with fresh ingredients right from the farm.

Stay on floating raft houses in Khao Sok national park


Do you want to be transported to an indescribable place where you feel like you are one with nature? Imagine a picturesque destination where it looks like a scene from Jurassic Park or some kind prehistoric land with towering limestone karst surrounded by a massive man-made lake.

That place is Khao Sok National Park, a nature reserve in Surat Thani, a province in southern Thailand.

While most travelers and tourists visit this place on daytrips via long-tail boats, the best way to experience Khao Sok is to stay overnight on one of the floating accommodations. They range from luxury resorts such as Panvaree Resort or 500Rai Floating Resort to rafts and bungalows such as Praiwan Raft House.

The best part of overnight stays at Khao Sok is that it gives you time to explore the national park in other ways such as hiking through the forest or kayaking/canoeing on the lake at your own convenience. You will also witness and encounter things that you couldn’t on a day trip.

For example, in the early mornings before all the tourists come through, you will feel the jungle awaken around you slowly and come alive with sights and sounds. You can also capture beautiful sunsets and sunrise that you will never be able to otherwise.

Some travelers have even seen elephants come to eat and drink by the lake early in the morning!

How can you say no to this experience?

Go island hopping in the south of Thailand – Phuket & beyond


You might be wondering “but wait, that is not really a unique experience - it is a typical travel activity”.

Actually, it can be, depending on which islands you go to and the season in which you visit. There are dozens of less visited or unexplored islands waiting for you.

For example, instead of Phi Phi islands, try Koh Yao Yai or Koh Lanta. Instead of Koh Lipe in Satun, visit Koh Muk or Koh Libong in Trang province. These underrated islands will certainly provide a different experience away from the crowds and buzz of more popular islands.

There are also tons of tiny islands scattered around the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand that are worth a visit through island hopping day trips.

Love Andaman, for example offers great island-hopping experiences across the Andaman Sea or check out this great deal for a snorkeling day trip from Phuket.

When should you visit? Naturally, even if you visit the lesser-known islands during high season, you will find them a bit busy. So, it is important to pick low to mid-season periods. The downside of this is that usually it means that the low season is also the wet season, making it not the best time for island hopping. You won’t be able to enjoy water activities or encounter beautiful blue skies. The best time to go is the sweet period between the mid and high seasons. That is usually May to June or July, maybe even September and August.

Be sure to read this ultimate island-hopping guide by the Thaiger.

Bike and walkingtours in Bangkok


Bangkok is an exciting city to explore and live in. It’s even better when you start to discover its hidden alleys and streets. The best way to do that is to join bike and walking tours. Sure, you can do it yourself too – jut get lost and find your way around. But with a tour, you get to learn and find places you probably could not on your own.

There are quite a few companies offering immersive experiences while sharing tidbits about the history and heritage of the surroundings.

Some of the best tour operators are Expique, Jamming Thailand, Co Van Kessel, and Grasshopper Adventures. They really take you through the unbeaten paths of Bangkok, showing you the local way of life and their communities.

Discover underratedand hidden gems of Isan (northeast Thailand)

Travelers are always fascinated by the south and north of Thailand. Sadly, the northeast (Isan) doesn’t get the credit it deserves. There are countless adventures and hidden gems in Isan and the far northeast region.

For starters, head up to Bueng Kan, Thailand’s newest province, which is most popularly known for Wat Phu Tok and the 3 whale rocks. Wat Phu Tok is a temple carved into a mountain and can only be accessed by a steep trail made with rickety wooden walkways. It is said to have magnificent panoramic views from up top. The 3 whale rocks is another unexplainable attraction in this province as it is exactly what the name suggests – 3 large rocks in the shape of whales in the middle of a forest hill.

There are countless other meaningful and awe-inspiring attractions in Isan that are waiting to be discovered by tourists. Here a few others:

·       The Grand Canyon of Thailand in Ubon Ratchathani

·       Phanom Rung Historical Park in Buri Ram

·       Red Lotus Sea in Udon Thani

·       Rocket Festivals in Isaan (Yasothon, Nong Khai, Sisaket,Kalasin, Roi Et and Maha Sarakham)


Do you have any other amazing Thailand experiences that you would like to share with us? Tell us in the comments below.

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