Networking in Bangkok couldn’t be easier as you are spoiled for choice and opportunities. There are so many ways and places where you can meet like-minded professionals to build, collaborate or partner with.

But with so many options, sometimes it can actually be quite daunting not knowing where to begin.

Luckily, we have done all the legwork for you with 5 quick and easy ways you can network in Bangkok.

Chambers of Commerce

Bangkok has many Chambers of Commerce from countries around the world. They are known to frequently organize networking events for different industries.

Being a member of these Chambers also give you several benefits such as being able to promote your company on their website, receive exclusive newsletters, and sponsorship opportunities.

If you are an individual or freelance, just attend one of their events and make some serious connections.

Co-working spaces

Without a doubt, co-working spaces could be the best place to professionally network. Everyone is here to do one thing – build their business. To do that, one has to make connections, either to find clients or create partnerships.

If you are looking to do just that, then setting yourself u pin a co-working space opens up a lot of opportunities. There are plenty of great co-working spaces in Bangkok such as WeWork, Hubba, Launchpad, AIS DC, and True Digital Park.

Even if you don’t find clients or collaborators, there is a ton you can learn from other professionals and entrepreneurs.

Online networking groups

Whether you are new to the city or have been living for years, there is no easier way to meet people than online networking groups.

Before you even step out of the house, you can already connect with people with similar interests. Online groups also host regular events where the sole purpose is to network and make new contacts.

Some popular networking websites or groups are:

· Bangkok expats - with over 106k members on Facebook, this group is perfect for making connections, friends or to simply get answers to any question you may have about Bangkok.

· Bangkok entrepreneurs – considered to be the biggest network of entrepreneurs

· – meetup is an excellent way to make connections professionally and socially based on your interests. Simply search a keyword in your city and it will show results for groups and events related to it. You can filter with distance and category. There are hundreds of groups in Bangkok on this site.

Bars and coffee shops

Coffee shops and cafes are a great place to make new contacts. Usually, people use them as a workspace and if you notice that they have similar interests or work in the same industry as you, go ahead and make conversation. Starbucks is an obvious one but there are also plenty of cafes and coffee shops that are amazing workspace stations.

Similarly, bars can also be great networking places. It’s where people like to let loose and more often than not, are looking to make connections as well. Some examples of bars to meet other expats are Cheap Charlie’s, Havana Social, or almost any sports bar.

Other bars and clubs we would also recommend are Hemmingway's ,Sing Sing, Witch's, Revolucion, Blue Parrot, Escape, Flamenco, and Royal Oak.

You can literally network with anyone, anywhere if both parties have an open mind and are willing to connect. Obviously, you have to be aware of the situation. If the other person looks like they don’t want to be disturbed, you probably shouldn’t. It is important to read the room.

From your side, just be courteous, friendly and in some cases, professional when you approach someone at a bar or coffee shop.

Special events

Ever heard of big events such as Affiliate World Asia, TBEX or the Mekong Tourism Forum? They are some of the biggest industry networking events that have been hosted in Thailand. Bangkok is also known to usually host smaller events and parties leading up to the main event.

They are surely best for networking opportunities as they bring together experts from all over the world. There is so much you can learn from them that will ultimately benefit you professionally.

Online sites such as Eventbrite and 10times are a great way to find out which events are happening in your area and when. You can search by location, format, and category, making it very easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

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