Since theCOVID-19 pandemic started, working from home has been a necessity for almost every one. It has become the new normal, no doubt. In fact, we believe that work from home could continue even after the pandemic is over as more and more people are discovering its benefits. 

Let’s face it – we can simply get more done while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We don’t have to waste time and money on commute either.

But, there are certainly many drawbacks from working home also. Family intrusions and other distractions are unavoidable. That is why it might be a good idea to look into some exciting alternatives to work from home that can potentially boost productivity and creativity.

Whether you are a digital nomad or a full-time employee ,here are 5 cool places to consider working from other than your home or office.

Coffee shops

Coffee shops are obvious but have always been popular spaces where people like to work or hold meetings. There is an appropriate level of buzz that keeps the mind sharp. You also have quick access to coffee and snacks to keep the energy up.

Finding the right coffee shop is important though. Not all cater to remote workers or digital nomads. Somethings to look for are easy-access electrical outlets, comfortable tables and seating, strong Wi-Fi connectivity, and of course a space that enables you to focus better.

While Starbucks is a good option as outlets are easily available in most big cities, there are tons of local cafes that could provide a better working environment. It may require a fair amount of research or exploring around in your area, but it will definitely be worth the effort.

Here are some of our favorite work from coffee shop spots across Thailand:

Bangkok –there are so many cafes in Bangkok that it is so difficult to name our favorite but if you are looking for a 24-hour café, then check out Too fast Too Sleep.

Chiang Mai – this article by Salt in our Hair has a great list of cafes to work in Chiang Mai

PhuketBoost has a wonderful work and play ambiance. Their food and beverage are also top notch with plenty of healthy options available.

No matter where else you are in Thailand, it is now become incredibly easy to find fantastic cafes and restaurants to set up as your workspace.


Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces have been growing around Thailand, especially in major cities like Bangkok, Phuket and even Samui.

Use websites like to find the right co-working space near you or the destination you are traveling. There are always options for daily, weekly or monthly usage. You can also select from a variety of rooms or space that suits your needs. 

Alone? Go for a desk. Need to set up a company? Virtual offices are what you are looking for. You can also book meetings room or private offices.

Co-working spaces give the feel of working at an office but with more freedom while providing plenty of networking and social opportunities. For entrepreneurs and digital nomads, it is one of the best workspace options.

Work from hotel


With COVID reducing the amount of people staying at hotels, they are now converting their spaces for other activities and occasions. One of them is ‘work from hotel’ packages to entice entrepreneurs and digital nomads to use their services and facilities.

There are plenty of WFH deals by hotels in Bangkok currently. While these may be a bit on the higher end scale, you can certainly find cheaper options around the city. Simply call up a hotel that you like and ask them if they have any WFH packages. For example, Furama Xclusive Asok has incredible promotions starting at 290 THB for daily passes.

In Phuket, you can also find offers such as at Hotel Indigo. Even if the hotel is not having public offers, you could even give them a call and ask. With decreased tourism and increasing room vacancies, chances are that they would be more than willing to provide you a space to work at reasonable prices.

With Work from Home, you get plenty of added benefits as well such as discounts on F&B and even overnight stays.

It may be the ultimate option that combines work from home and at the office. We think this is an amazing option for working. It is a good balance between work, life, and leisure.

Down at the Beach

We have all at one point dreamed of sitting in front of a laptop on a beach, coconut in hand, while looking into the horizon filled with shades of blue.

It is the epitome of work from anywhere and financial freedom that we many of us seek.

Now we admit that travel has become harder because of COVID-19.But it has also brought incredible opportunities for those who truly want to pursue that kind of lifestyle.

Beaches have become cleaner. Resort and villa stays are cheaper than ever. There are also less people at these destinations so you can have it all to yourself while being able to focus on work.

Islands such as Koh Chang, Koh Samui, Koh Lipe, Koh Tao and Koh Pha Ngan have recently experienced an influx of expats and Thais who set up their home-work bases there during the recent lockdown.

You can find magnificent beachfront properties on some islands as low as $40 per night, which is incredible!

Even if the villa or apartment you find is beachside, you can easily head to one of the beach bars or café and work from there. Whether it is Café Del Mar in Phuket, Zenzibar Beach Bar in Samui, Piccolo Café in Koh Phayam or any of the beach bars on Silver Sand, Koh Chang, you will be able to find an ideal spot that inspires your best work.


Up in the Mountains

If beaches do not excite you, then perhaps the mystic mountains of Thailand will. There are an increasing number of resorts and hideaway sanctuaries in the mountains of the north.

Pai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Phayao have become ideal work-life balance destinations for digital nomads and work-from-anywhere professionals.

While staying in the city is a great option, consider booking monthly AirBnB stays at unique properties such as this 2BR Villa in a Forest Sanctuary in Chiang Mai for just a $1000/month.

With a bit of research and exploring around, you can find even better amazing accommodation options with surreal views and travel experiences to match with it.

When not working at your breathtaking villa or cute condo amongst the scenic landscape, you can also visit cafes in the mountain terrain for a change. One such place is the Magic Mountain Café in Phayao. Just imagine waking up to the sea of mist across the mountain scape as you start the day with peace and serenity.

If these places don't spark some creativity and inspiration, we are not sure what will.

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