If there is one thing that Bangkok is well known for, it is markets. Locals, expats and tourists alike love them. And who can blame them?

They are more than just shops selling food and shopping items. Markets are energetic, radiate a vibrant atmosphere, and are simply part of the unique amalgamation that makes up Bangkok.

Unfortunately, in the recent years we have seen many popular markets come and go. So, we have rounded up 3 lively Bangkok markets that are no longer with us but would love to see back in action.


For those who never knew about Artbox, this popup market first appeared in Bangkok on 12 June 2015. Since then, it has moved its location around the city before settling in at Chuvit Garden, Sukhumvit Soi 10.

This trendy market was a real crowd puller. Local teenagers, tourists and expats could be seen here every weekend (at first) and then every evening. Here could find all types of boutique clothing, interesting food, and other vintage items. Many Instagram shops and local designers started selling their wares at Artbox as well.

There was even a beer garden with a variety of beer, wine, spirits and even cocktails. Several restaurants such as Sunrise Tacos also decided to set up their outlets. Artbox quickly became one of the coolest night markets to be at in Bangkok.

On August 31, 2020, however, Artbox officially said goodbye on their Facebook page and within the next few days, Chuvit Garden was cleared. Not a single piece of reminder was left in the park.

Artbox was a great lively space for eating, shopping, general hanging out - one that we would really love to see return to Bangkok.

There are rumors that it will return to the same location in 2021 end or early 2022 but that remains to be seen.


Train Market Ratchada


There is no chance that you have not been to the Train Market in Ratchada if you have been to Bangkok. It is one of the most popular markets in all of Bangkok.

Well-known for its iconic colorful tents and photos that have been shared across social media, this market had everything you can think of.

Photo credit: chanapak.p

Food? Lots of it!

Shopping? Everything from local and vintage to the tourist souvenirs.

Bars and drinks? Absolutely!

Tourists went here for the food and shopping. Locals and expats for the bars at the back – and they would spend all night here before heading out for the after parties.

Sadly, it all ended when the market permanently closed in late 2021, despite the back and forth rumors of it closing or not.

Neon Market


If there was ever a market that strayed away from the tourist trail but still located smack dab in the middle of the city, it was the Neon market. It was located on Phetchaburi Road, close to Pratunam and Platinum mall.

Here you could find a wide variety of food - everything from local delicacies to western and fusion food. There were even quite a few food trucks stationed on the side.

Shopping-wise, it showcased plenty of vintage and retro fashion clothing, trendy apparel, homeware, accessories for your gadgets and curious trinkets.

The best way to describe it would be that it was a mix between Artbox and the Train Market Ratchada.

Another lively market that we long to see again.

Bonus: 2 markets that changed locations

There are two additional markets that we thought were closed initially but came to know that they had in fact, simply changed venue.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar

Originally on Rama 4, near the Lumpini Park, Suan Lum night bazaar was one of Bangkok’s most bustling and iconic markets.

Patrons who used to enjoy going here would be heart-warmed to know that it is now located on the Ratchadaphisek - Ladprao intersection, near the Ladprao MRT station.

Although renamed as The Bazaar Ratchadaphisek, the market is home to many vendors from the original market are relocated here.

The night market also hosts a 800-room hotel (The Bazaar Hotel Bangkok) and 5-star Hostel rooms, a variety of Restaurants and Shops, multiple Gyms, Event spaces, 432-seater Theater, 24 hour Supermarket, and offices.


JJ Green

Once known as the most vintage and trendy markets in Bangkok, JJ Green was a bustling night market filled with eateries, shops, stalls, and everything else markets are known for. A few years back it was shut down, much to dismay of many locals, expats and tourists.

Luckily, it has now moved to Lak Si, which is not too far from its original location in Chatuchak.

It seems JJ Green is alive, well and better than ever with regular updates on its Facebook page.

We wonder if it is indeed the same as before. We just might have to visit and try it out ourselves and so should you.

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